04 February, 2013


Been spending quite a bit of time in 3ds Max as of late.

I'll start updating with some renders of some test models I've been playing around with leading into this next project.

If anyone has a favorite tutorial on anything regarding lighting or materials, leave me a link in the comments section, and thanks for looking!


25 January, 2013

This Guy's Still Around?

Yep. Still pluggin.

Happy New Year to ya, It's a couple weeks in, recovering from that NASTY flu shit that was lingering around worse than a lonely and over confident drunk by the ladies room in a bar at closing time...

We've had another quarter at school get off to a start, and I've already abandoned two new year resolutions.

However, that other resolution, is still hanging on to my head like a piece of spinach in my teeth, and that was to start assembling ye olde portfolio, and start up a new website, as well as start updating here and TUMBLR?

Well, one step at a time.


...look for more updates. I've got so much from the last year, and it's not just pretty pictures, but pretty video to boot.
And pretty words. Been doing a TON of writing for classes the last quarter or so, and I'd like to share some of that as well. And it looks like this quarter will have the same. I'm doing a series of briefs on some classic films, so that should be mildly entertaining, if not cause for cease and desist notifications.

So anywhays..

On with the show.


Oh and just to give a bit of a teaser...

This here was a quick write up on a classic trope that, unfortunately, I was the only person in a class of twenty five art and design students that knew of it..

A MacGuffin, much like a McRib sandwich, could be anything.

It is a plot device that has been used time and time again that was officially named by Alfred Hitchcock and one of his screenwriters. In a narrative structure, a MacGuffin is "X"; in so much as a character(s) must find "X", or save "X", or stop "X". It is usually something that remains a mystery to both the characters in the story as well as the audience. It is a proper MacGuffin if it remains interchangeable with anything else and won't impact the story. For example, one of the biggest movies of the last year (and by box office, all time) Marvel's The Avengers relied exclusively on a MacGuffin, or as they called it "The Tesseract" (or as it is called in the original comics- "The Cosmic Cube"), a mysterious device that the heroes obtained, lost, and had to band together to retrieve from the antagonist. Its origins were never revealed, its powers never explored.

In true MacGuffin style, it could have been simply a cosmic sandwich.

The story goes that the name "MacGuffin" came from an old joke-

Two men are seated next to each other on a passenger train. One of the Men has a very odd shaped package resting by his side.

Man 2: "Say, what have ya got there?"
Man 1: "Oh this old thing? Why, it's a MacGuffin."
Man 2: "Why, I'm not sure what that is!"
Man 1: "Oh, well, it's a sharp shooting device, used for hunting lions up in the northern mountains of Scotland."
Man 2: "I see!"
Man 1: ...
Man 2: "Wait a second- there aren't lions in Scotland!?"

Man 1: "Well in that case, this sure isn't a MacGuffin..."

For more on this, and other classic nuggets of awesome, check out TROPES.ORG

Till next time, stay classy, hug yer Mom, and take care.


09 May, 2012

Overdue Fine

So as many may know, I recently switched majors this past quarter to the enthralling domain of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. It's scary, exciting, and a shit ton of work, but very very focused and very very rewarding it would seem. Anywho, thought I'd share a precomp for an After Effects project that will incorporate the magical and terrifying THIRD DIMENSION (cue Don Hertzfeld creatures voices and SFX) Now go hug yer Mum and do something good today. Cheers.

01 December, 2011


FFFFFFFFFuuuuuu Sorry, sorry.. It's finals time at school, which means Photoshop is starting to crash nonstop, which means I'm relying on more and more traditional means of getting shite done. Anywhooters, here's some mas designs of Ash Windsor, our friendly neighborhood robot fighter. LOTS MORE TO COME!! ____________________

25 November, 2011

Robut Fighter

This is Bill. He enjoys light chamomile tea, running on the beach in the morning before anyone else is up, and beating robots into scrap metal. MORE TO COME BITCHES _______________________

07 November, 2011

Sketchadoodles Tres

Sketchadoodles 2

More sketches from the story class, current title is ARCHIVE. Maybe..


Working on a generating a complete story for a class project, following posts will be some quick sketches I've done of some initial character ideas and story abstracts.

19 September, 2011

Counting Robot Crows

Had a chance to open up Zbrush and play around for a bit.. These are very, very basic and may be somewhat lame but pretty much walking naked through the wilderness on this one, stayin away from tuts and approaching the program in its inherent 2D scope of design.

16 September, 2011

The First Alchemist

Part Two in a series of illustrations for an advertising campaign for the student group Conceptual Alchemists featuring one of the graduating founders, Titus Simirica

15 September, 2011

To sleep perchance to dream

So I just had some crazy dreams of Excalibur rising out of the Hudson river.

This was Preceded by the recurring phrase "resurrection knife phones"

Hope I didn't destroy my new Pentel brush just yet..

07 September, 2011


CS5, I think we should hang out more..

Couple sketches with some quick hue lay-ins..

Drawn & Quartered 2

Not done yet..

Drawn & Quartered

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of postings lately, I do have tons of stuff that will get put up eventually (Cross my heart and all that) as I've been fairly busy otherwise.

Happy to say I'm working on designing a new website (That's been awhile, yeesh.) which will be up by the end of the year. Any words/stories of advice from other artists & designers, definitely post a response or drop me a line.

Enough talk. Here's some art.


I try and swing in for a life drawing class every now and again, these are some sketches from the last couple sessions.

Thanks for looking!


Thanks to the models and students for letting me sit in on these!

29 May, 2011

Back to the Present

Sound designer, Auidophile, PeeWee dance instuctor, & friend Art Beresheim needed some imagery for a synthesisized project that involved a TIME MACHINE.

The audio that prompted the image is HERE.

I proceeded to go on a massive hunt for photo reference and had nothing short of extraordinary luck, resulting in dramatically changing gears from initially planning a sketchy, painted silhouette with overdone f/x and blueprint overlays, to a full on photo manipulated collage that I rendered to have a dirty, crinkled newsprint type of feel.

24 May, 2011